Premium quality liquid egg products for commercial kitchens and food manufacturing businesses.


Our business is fully vertically integrated managing the entire supply chain from rearing our birds right through to production. Our quality assurance program guarantees the quality and safety of every egg.


Founded in 1965, with over half a century of experience, Kinross Farm take pride in being a family business where hens and customers come first, consistently producing millions of top-quality eggs each week.


Since 2010, Kinross Farm has reliably supplied premium quality liquid eggs to businesses across the food service and manufacturing industry.

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Quality Processing

At Kinross Farm, we follow quality processing every step of the way. Using state-of-the-art processes the quality and safety of our liquid egg product are second to none.

All our liquid egg product is thoroughly tested by third party accreditation National Association of Testing Authorities laboratories in alignment with strict industry food standard standards.

At Kinross Farm our hens come first. Healthy hens produce top quality eggs.

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